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Nuarl N10 PRO

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■Original dynamic driver “NUARL Driver [N10]”
“TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)” and “Titanium” were deposited on the surface of excellent rigidity and elasticity “PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)”
vibrating diaphragm. Assembly with double magnet magnetic circuit, formingφ10.0mm dynamic type full range driver “NUARL
DRIVER” [N10]v3. This unique driver could be able to play a powerful sound with sharpness from high to low frequencies.
■Combining analog and digital tuning
By storing the driver in a metal housing and modularizing it, the same analog toni ng of wired earphone is possible. Furthermore, by
combining this earphone module and a digital equalizer we make full use of the SoC’s built-in DSP to achieve an unprecedented delicate
sound quality tuning.
■HDSS® for clear sound
N10PRO adopted the patented technology “HDSS®” from T.B.I., USA, which can suppress distortion of sound and reproduce the sense of
presence.3rd generation ETL module are 30% more efficient than traditional modules, prevent the in-head positioning problem that is
common in inner type earbud and reproduce natural sound spread for the entire frequency band.
■Active noise canceling function
By equipped with dual digital ANC of feedforward NC and feedback NC by Qualcomm® Active Noise Cancellation technology. ANC mode
can be turn on/off by using NUARL dedicated application “N10 CONNECT”.
■High connection stability by SoC “QCC5124”
By combining our unique directivity control technology antenna and Qualcomm’s Bluetooth SoC “QCC5 124”, N10PRO achieved great
connection stability with less interruption in sound.

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