• TRACK Air true wireless earphones deliver big sound through the very latest in modern design and technology. They come with an ultra-light design of only 5.5 grams per earbud, a premium noise isolating fit and up to 32 hours of battery time.

    Enjoy the richness of your music, without anything weighing heavy in your ears. TRACK Air delivers an impressive lightness of only 5.5 grams per earbud. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable and stable wear all day long. Choose from 4 different ear tip sizes for the perfect fit.
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    Auto Pairing + Auto Connect + Auto Charging  After being taken out from the charging case, earbuds are automatically on and always connected. Quick Charge + Case Battery  24 hours of battery life with charging case & earbuds. Fully charged, the True Wireless earbuds are capable of 6.5 hours of use. Quick Charge capabilities give you 3 hours of use with only 15 minutes of charging time. Qualcomm Chipset + Bluetooth 5.0  An advanced Qualcomm chipset is compatible with aptX Audio Technology and AAC hi-res transmission which is optimized for iOS and Android devices to provide better sounding audio at similar bit rates. Titanium Composite Dynamic Driver  Designed for compact earbuds, the 7mm dynamic driver w/ a titanium composite diaphragm balances powerful bass & exquisite detail. It reproduces crystal clear sound in ultra-compact design for enhanced efficiency.
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    Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 technology matching, more stable data transmission, clearer sound, faster connection, longer transmission distance, and no signal jam. Noise Reduction A new generation of intelligent noise reduction technology, reducing noise interference in all directions, enjoying high—quality stereo sound, and swimming in one's music world. Easy Operation The built-in touch sensor chip intelligently senses the wearing status. Remove the headset, the music stops automatically immediately. The melody sounded again when the headset is put on. (Right earpiece is regarded as the main one with face recognition feature) Large Capacity Built-in 600 mAh battery, the charging case will provide up to 100 hours standby time, and only need 1-2 hours to be charged fully. Meanwhile, the earphones will provide 6 hours of playtime.
  • Qualcomm QCC3026 The TWS5 earbuds adopt Qualcomm QCC3026 chip, providing you greater stability, which means you get a better signal from further away. Coming with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you will get blazing fast connection speeds and a more consistent connection. CVC 8.0 Mic Technology With CVC environmental noise reduction, you finally get the mic clarity you need to truly express yourself. By cutting out distracting background noise, your friends and family can hear more of who you are instead of where you are. Unilateral Use The earbud can be used as single or paired. When you use one of the earbuds, another one can be charged in the charging case. Magnetic case design allows the earbuds to snap in easily for both safe transport and fast charging. Up to 32 Hours of All Day Playback With 8 hours of playback, and another 24 hours available with the charging case, you get playback that can last you well over a day. Intelligent Touch Control Remove earbuds from their charging case, they will connect to your device automatically. Tap to play/pause music or answer/hang up your phone call.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 With the newly upgraded 5.0 Bluetooth solution, it supports 20 meters of unobstructed distance transmission, while reducing power consumption by 35%, improving sound quality performance, resulting in better connection stability and audio fluency. 13mm Dynamic Drive Unit The customized 13mm composite membrane dynamic drive unit provides rich details, soft and transparent vocals, and rich sound and sound effects in the low-frequency atmosphere. Long Battery Life The earphones can be used for 4 hours after full charging, along with a 1200mAh charging case which can charge the earphones 10 times. Comfortable Wear In order to solve the stability of the semi-ear headphones, Mifo 02 combined with ergonomically designed to reverse the ear, making wearing not only comfortable but also more stable.
  • Make it fully optimal What happens when you combine the best sound, beautiful aluminum construction, the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, incredibly long battery life, and intuitive pairing software? The Mifo O5 happens: Make it Fully Optimal. The latest O5 true wireless model from Mifo is a new release for 2019, and we've got the exclusive. Upgraded charging case with an extra long 2600 mAh battery, up to 100 hours of use time before charging, and updated software. Now in metallic grey and rose gold! Balanced Armatures  The Mifo O5 uses 2 Balanced Armatures and one dynamic driver to creat amazing detailed sound with a bass-heavy presence. Machined aluminum construction Machined aluminum construction achieves beauty and durability that other true wireless earbuds simply can't match. The extra smooth aluminum charging case slips easily in and out of pockets, bags, and storage compartments without risk of damage. IPX Waterproof  Waterproof IPX 7 nanocoating provides complete protection from rain, sweat, and even full submersion under water. Corrosion resistant coated aluminum refuses to rust or tarnish. Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless provides up to 12 meters of distance with no distortion and perfectly synchronized zero drop signal. Intelligent Bluetooth pairing means you simply take one or both earbuds out of the charging case to automatically pair to your preferred devices. Independent usage Independent usage and voice functions with multi-microphone technology. Use one or both earbuds to make and receive calls with tap to control functionality. Tap to adjust music, answer or swap calls, and activate voice commands. 2600 mAh charging case Included 2600 mAh charging case with rapid restore charging provides an added 100+ hours of active use battery life.
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    QCY T1S

    $100.00 $70.00
    Real Wireless, Enjoy Stereo Sound Single earphone, easy to use while two earphones allow you to share music with your companion, enjoy more fun from wireless experience. Humane Touch Control Compare with traditional button control, touch control is more humane. It is more popular and easier control. 750mAh Large Capacity Portable charging case provides constant power during the tour. 750mAh large capacity charging case offers 5 full charges or totally 18 hours extra battery life for both earphones. Softer and Lighter Single earphone is only 4.7g weight, it is light as a feather, softer and lighter like ever. IPX4 Waterproof IPX4 waterproof tech. No fear of sweat anymore.
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    QCY T1C

    $70.00 $39.95
    Wonderful Audio Quality True stereo sound effects, brings you an impression of space, to feel the music just as you are in the Concert Hall, Bluetooth v5.0 technology, sound transmission speed is twice higher. The anti-interference performance is enhanced and the connection is more stable. To make sure each calling and game-playing is in real time, to avoid sound delays. Excellent Call Experience CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology + high sensitivity silicon wheat, improve the recognition of the speech, make sure you can talk without any effort even in noisy environments. Make the call sound clearer and more realistic. Lightweight and Comfortable 4.6 g earbud small like the fingertips, invisible to wear. Ergonomically designed, the earbuds exactly fits the contours of the ears, and there is no tenderness over hours wearing. Automatically Pairing Exclusive take-out-to use design, there is always one step less, safe time and free hands. Due to BT v5.0 tech, the connection is more stable and quick, suitable for Apple iPhone 6/6s/6plus/7/8plus/X/Xs/Samsung,etc. Long Working Time Small charging case built inside a 380 mAH battery which can recharge the earphones for 4-5 times. The total product is supposed to work for 20-24 hours after full charge
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    Sabbat E12Ultra

    $120.00 $95.95
    Qualcomm QCC3020, AptX, AAC The Sabbat E12 Ultra, with its Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset, Bluetooth 5.0 and AptX and AAC-playback support, offers a very decent 6 hours of playtime per charge. The case is also still able to recharge the earpieces at least four times fully. Outstanding Call Quality  Sabbat E12 gives outstanding call quality. It's perfectly doable to have a longer conversation with these earphones. The other end of the line will hear some metallic reflection of his/ her own voice, but your voice comes through clear and background noise is suppressed wonderful.   Substatially Balanced Sound And Details  The Sabbat E12 ultra sounds lovely bassy, yet is substantially balanced and offers lots of detail. The soundstage is huge - with instruments and vocals coming in from everywhere, up close and far away. Not only is the sound spacious - it's also easy to place instruments in within the music. Listen to the Hell Freezes Over-variant from Eagles' Hotel California, and hear the music build up with cheering everywhere, guitars and cymbals on the left and right. Now, more wireless earphones are covering the placement in that recording just right. The Sabbat E12 Ultra, however, does it while paving the way for the mids by offering mids that just come alive and highs, too, are accentuated. Lower-mids, such as bass guitars and dark electronic sounds, is the only segment that plays a smaller part. It's the only frequencies where detail retrieval is less convincing. The bass segment of the Sabbat is enormous - and yes, it really knows how to pump and slap. It knows how to tickle the senses - giving that buzz-y feeling in your ears. It pumps and dives deep only in songs requesting it. That's the beauty of it. Fine Connectivity & Tactile Button Control  Small round tactile buttons can be found in the center of the lightweight earpieces. The controls are spot on. You don't have to push the earpieces too deep in your ears, and the feedback is great so that you won't activate unwanted functions. A single press plays and pauses music, press two times to skip (right) or return (left) a song, and three times to increase and decrease the volume. Hold the button, and you activate the voice assistant. Connectivity of the Sabbat E12 Ultra is fine as well. It has a stable Bluetooth connection up to ten meters, performs flawlessly inside and outside and also in areas crowded with wireless signals. One-Click Summon Siri Google Assistant Smart life voice commands simplify your life, no matter you are driving or exercising, one-click connected with Siris Goole NowTM.
  • Qualcomm® Chip The advanced Qualcomm® chip guarantees exceptional performance by delivering consistent and lossless audio streaming, providing the most stable connectivity. Three Decoding Mode: aptX, AAC and SBC Custom graphene-coated drivers produce detailed sound and deep bass while aptX™ for distortion-free sound listening. aptX™: Superior high-fidelity & lossless audio. AAC: Crystal clear & detailed sound for iOS. SBC: Well balanced & rich sound for Android. CVC 8.0 Qualcomm® DSP & cVc™ 8.0 technologies perfectly work together to bring richer audio streaming and clearer hands-free calls. DSP: Reduce high & low frequencies noise for more immersive sound. CVC 8.0: Suppress background noise for clearer calls. Voice Activation Access Siri or Google Assistant from the earbuds with a simple tap. Uniliteral Use You can use a single earbud with your device, perfect for sharing the other with your friend. All-day Listening Enjoy 7 hours of playtime on a full charge. Up to 24 hours of listening with the charging case to keep you going throughout the day. 5 minutes of quick charging = Up to 1 hour of playtime One-touch Control Intuitive touch control lets you activate all features with just a tap on the earbud. No need to reach for your phone. Two Ways Charging Two charging solutions for choose integrated USB-A cable or the coming with USB-C cable. IPX5 Splashproof Rated IPX5 against sweat, splashes, and rain.
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    Sabbat X12 Ultra

    Qualcomm Audio Decoding Qualcomm unique high specification decoding Lower delay and better fault tolerance, up to 48kHz sampling frequency. Base on the phone with aptX decoding. Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 solution, the highest transmission rate up to 3.0MB/S, compared to the previous Bluetooth 4.2 1-2mb IS double upgrade, the connection is smoother. CVC 8.0 and DSP Noise Cancellation DSP: Reduce high & low frequencies noise for more immersive sound. CVC 8.0: Suppress background noise for clearer calls. Independence Use Base on Qualcomm chip's high performance, the earphones can be used in two modes: independence use or pairing use.
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    Pair Seamlessly True wireless setup allows you to pair and connect the headphones effortlessly. 1.Push and rotate to open the charging case. 2.The left and right earpieces will automatically turn ON and then enter pairing mode after taking them out from the charging case simultaneously. 3.Turn ON Bluetooth on your device and select Tronsmart Spunky Buds to connect. Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 offers the latest connectivity option for more stable connection & better range. It is backward compatible with the previous gen Bluetooth versions. IPX5 Water-resistant It protects your headphones from rain, splashes & sweat providing an undisturbed usage. Hi-Fi Stereo Sound It is engineered to produce high fidelity audio which lets you experience your favorite music on-the-go as never before. Voice Assistant Tap the right earbud twice to activate 'Hey Siri’ to make calls, control music, ask about weather and a lot more. Ergonomic Design It provides a secure and comfortable fit, never falling out even when you are working out,comfortable and intuitive.Besides, you could choose your perfect earbud size to wear for comfort and stability from S/M/L. Intuitive Gesture Controls You could use the Intuitive touch control to play, pause, skip track, take, end and reject phone calls and activate the voice assistant. All Day Battery Life The charging case provides additional 9 hours of battery life lasting all day, with its total playtime up to 12 hours. Special Function It supports siri.